Saturday, July 31, 2010

90 seconds in front of the jokhang, lhasa

note the absence of western tourists and the presence of military goose-steppers,who continually patrol the square before the jokhang.


Julie (Tibetan Name Tenzin Dasal) said...

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for a beautiful piece of work. I came across your blog whilst looking at those with similar interests and it was nice to see a piece of work with beauty and substance. I am a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner and very proactive in the Tibetan cause for freedom.
I would like to follow your blog and would apreciate if you could have a look at mine.
Thanks Tenzin Dasal

isabo said...

dear damchoe la, this is isabelle trying to get in contact with you. happy memories of our weeks together in jerusalem and our last meeting close to HH Karmapa in october. i can't find a working e-dress for you! do please send me a line if you can. do you have my email? best wishes ever.