Friday, March 23, 2007

one year becomes two

although my time in india on the fulbright has come to an end, i will be back next fall (oct 2007) for another year on another grant, this time the aiis. in the meantime, i will be doing a far bit of travel:

after a short trip to portland, oregon to see my teacher and friends at maitripa institute...

i will be in redlands in southern california with my dear friend karen derris,

puerto rico
at ganden shedrub ling,

madison for teachings during his holiness the dalai lama's visit to my home temple of deer park

new york
with family,

tibet during the month of june
on a monthlong site seminar organized by princeton to visit monastic sites from lhasa out past mount kailash to the kingdom of guge... and for more on that trip, you can visit the blog of that trip

in july for a conference on buddhist women and a week of teachings by his holiness the dalai lama,

tuscany in august for three weeks of teachings by a tibetan geshe on a commentary on the text i am working on for my dissertation,

mexico in september visiting some old friends at buddhist centers in the yucatan, xalapa and guadalajara

back to california in october to write grant applications and then a quick trip to portland to give a talk and visit friends at maitripa

all this takes place between now and the end of october. after that i will be back with more occasional postings from the year in india that became two...

to sarnath

towards the end of my time in india, i made my way back up to sarnath. there, i began reading the text in tibetan and continuing to work in the sanskrit with Dr. S. Bahulkar, a deeply respected scholar from pune and wonderful human being, working for the next year or so in the research department at the 'tibetan university' in sarnath. here i am with sonam, a student at the university and a regular conversation partner for me.