Wednesday, October 01, 2008

if by living this life

as will be clear from the dates of the last posts, i have not done a very good job of staying connected through the internet. this is rather ironic, as enhancing an awareness of connectedness has been very much on my mind these past months. sometimes, though, that is better done by acknowledging those right in front of one. beyond those in the immediate surroundings, i spend a good deal of my days in the company of nuns and laywomen who were direct disciples of the buddha, through the magnificent lens of the narratives about them in the msv. so, apologies to those whom i have neglected online, but please know we remain very much connected in other important ways.

as a brief update, i offer two small gifts, one visual and the other verbal. first, this photo taken by my dear friend from mexico alicia with my friend and sister in the vows, tenzin nangpel (more recently flora) on the roof of our new home, adjacent to drolmaling nunnery in sidhpur, dharamsala.

the next is a quote from a teaching giveN by his holiness the karmapa last year in bodhgaya. as a model for thinking about our role in one another's lives, i have found it immensely nourishing. i hope it moves you as well.

"Sometimes I think that while I am living on this earth, if by living this life I can bring some actual benefit to the beings of this world and all those who are connected with me, that would be wonderful. That would be best. Even if that does not happen, I will continue to lead this life. I am living for the benefit of the beings in the world, so that there will be one more person in this world with love and concern for them. That is how I think. Sometimes I think I have to do something extremely helpful, and I get attached to that. But I don’t know whether things will turn out exactly as I want. If I can help, that would be best. Perhaps my wish to help you might become one condition, even if only a tiny one, that brings you happiness."

for a full text of this teaching, see this site.